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The Help Movie Scores BIG

the-help-originalThe Help staring Emma Stone as Eugenia ‘Skeeter’ is Possibly one of the best movie this year and this summer most anticipated book-to-film adaptations. this newly unkow cast and director leave the audience with tear on the eye; not since the Titanic staring Leonado Dicapiro have I see movie goer inside the theater wiping, crying and clapping.

The movie take place in the 1960 in the heart of segregate Mississippi. ‘The Help’ tell the story between two African-American maids, Aibileen Clark played by Viola Davis and Minny Jackson portrayed by Octavia Spencer, and a young, upper-class white woman, Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan played by Emma Stone determined to make a name for herself fresh out of college Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan decide to write a book from the perspective of the maid. the director develop each character for that reason you might find The Help to be a slow started, but, give time let your cureosity get the better of you because the slow starter will be well make-up for through the end.

Summer always know for big blockbuster release, with a lot thing being blow up. The Help is a fresh recourse from the same old same old every summer. It’s refreshing to see! and a breath of fresh air to take.

Other cast member are: Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer (TV’s ‘Ugly Betty’), Allison Janney, Jessica Chastain (‘The Tree of Life’) and Directed by: Tate Taylor

THE HELP SCORE: VVVVV oscar worthy!!!!!!!!