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Jimmy Jean-Louis speak to U.S. Congress

Jimmy Jean Louis| jlnphotography.com

Jimmy Jean Louis| jlnphotography.com

Actor and Goodwill Ambassador Jimmy Jean-Louis speak before The Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere Hearing in Washington DC on: The Crisis in Haiti: Are We Moving Fast Enough?

The Hero actor was quoting saying to the committee “it’s equally important, I am speaking today as a Haitian who was on the ground days after the deadly quake and have remained committed to the relief and recovery of the island. And “The smell of burning flesh, the cries of the survivors and the desperation of the people in the capital city will stay with me for the rest of my life.” The actor thanks the residence of the United State from private sector, government to individual donors and countless volunteers who worked during and after the quake. The actor saying “I say we are fortunate to have a neighbor that is willing to help out the most disadvantaged during a crisis. Haitians will remember the generous support, acts of kindness and prayers on their behalf.”

Some of the list of topic Jimmy Jean Louis Talk about is the U.S. Support, International Private Sector, Media, NGOs & Programs, Cash for Work/Livelihoods, Housing Assessments, Human Rights, Community Development, Camps/ IDP Settlements, Coordination & Cooperation of relief efforts and Security.