Lady Gaga edgy NEW Video ‘Alejandro’

Lady Gaga in "Alejandro"

Lady Gaga in "Alejandro"

With pop-bubble-gum artist and bedazzle, glitz and glamor videos. One of Music top artist Lady GaGa manage to summon the material girl Madonna with her NEW video ‘Alejandro’. The lyrics are well crafted with stunning art direction with top-of- line directing  to match on this video. GaGa, is the new generation Madonna for the twenty first century sensitized generation; where nothing shock them and the boundary from the censor has move further and further down the river bed flow. This new GaGa video is a combination of Madonna videos homage “Justify My Love”, “ Frozen” and “Like A Prayer”

Q: Will MTV and the other Television network band Lady GaGa ‘Alejandro‘ new video, just as they did Madonna in the   80’s?  We will wait and see. Watch Lady GaGa NEW video ‘Alejandro‘ here>>>>>>>>>>

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