Euro-pop sensation Stromae Performs At James L. Knight Center

Photos were posted on 22 Sep 2015 at 1:27pm

Stromae Performs At James L. Knight CenterEuro-pop sensation Stromae born Paul Van Haver Bio read like sensational fairy tail. quickly established himself as one of the most prominent electronic musicians within his country and soon after went viral in Europe. during his stop at the James L. Knight Center in Miami he perform to a pack crowd of young and old with “ENCORE AFTER ENCORE”

tromae continues to test new styles and has perfected the art of combining unlikely sounds such as the classicism of french pop and the hectic bustle of EDM. Sometimes his songs will feature an alternation between styles or merge them together into a unique conglomeration. His influences are far and wide and have had a large impact on his eclectic sound. He is just as likely to name the American rap group Swag+5 as an influence as he is French legend Jacques Brel. His image also reflects the dress aesthetic of Brel, as he is frequently spotted in clean cut suits and suave looking bow-ties.

Stromae’s influence on others seems to spread just as far as those who influenced him. He has caught the attention of superstar rapper Kanye West, who went on to remix “Alors on Danse” and contributed a rap verse to the revised version. Stromae has also impressed the Black Eyed Peas’ artist and there has been much rumor about a possible collaboration between the two. More recently Lorde announced her admiration for Stromae and invited him to appear on the Hunger Games Mockingjay, Pt.1 soundtrack. Stromae provided the song “Meltdown” for the score, which features high profile artists such as Pusha T, Q-Tip & Haim.

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