A Special Night With JOSH GROBAN

Josh Groban performs during the "Straight To You Tour 2011" at the Bank Atlantic Center Photo by: Johnny Louis/jlnphotography.com

This is a story of beautiful music; it not classical but, not Rock-N-Roll just good music for the heart and soul.  Josh Groban Singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and record producer born February 27, 1981 as Joshua Winslow “Josh” Groban as a young protégée at the age of eleven he have his first performance on stage during seventh grade.  His music teacher chose him to sing a solo of “S’wonderful” at the school’s Cabaret Night. It hard to write about Josh, without telling you about his fascinating upbringing to his iconic celebrity status  since his appearance on the Ally McBeal show  producer and creator David E. Kelley  created a character, Malcolm Wyatt, for Groban in the season finale that aired in May 2001. The character of Malcolm Wyatt was so popular, prompting 8,000 emails from viewers but, this night is about Josh Groban performance at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise Florida.

Listening to his many albums did not prepare me to hear him perform live for the first time. The experience leaves me full of anticipation, happiness and love. As if cupid itself strike me with bow-n- arrow.  This was the first time I request to stay and watch a concert after photographing the artist on stage.  I remember say to myself I am not going to miss seeing Josh Groban perform live. Recollecting my miss opportunity to see MICHAEL Jackson perform live to which I regret till this day.

Josh Groban’s talent does not stop as vocalist that night he also played the drum and the piano his performance would not have been any difference to most who see him perform in the past except he’s fighting a cold he announce to the pack house of attentive listening audience which cause him to take a twenty minute break during his performance while he rest his voice.

Josh took the stage that night around ten in the mid of his performance he ask his fans can he take a twenty minute bake stating I am fighting a cold “I do not like to cancel show, and I do not want to lip sing to you allow me to take a twenty minute brake to rest my voice”

Looking around the pack arena his fans age range from seven years old to seventy year old patiently waiting for his return on stage. This geek that what he call himself on stage was not only inspiring his was also funny  and graceful  up on returning on stage he  introduce his special guest “The Greater Miami Youth Symphony” which he taught had better seats but they were seated somewhere on the third or fourth level. But, promises them next time he will arrange for better seating for them however it was not all bad Josh did dedicated a song “The Wandering Kind,” he wrote when he was twelve years old to the Youth Symphony.  A shout come out the crowd “I Love Josh Groban”” he reply I Love you too”.

This is the 2011 “Straight to you concert tour” for his fifth studio album Illuminations  and his fourth concert tour. They was even a question and answer segment were fans sent questions on-line and he reveal some personnel stuff about him to the tone of What kind of ice-cream he like? if you want to know he like Swedish fish, peanut butter and chocolate.  As to be expected in a romantic show like this a plan was in place for someone to ask for hand of marriage on stage. Tony wearing a black cowboy hat was ask to come on stage to proposed to marriage to his girlfriend Tania however Tania  happen to be one of  Josh Groban instrument player. A knee was drop, a question was ask, a yes was given and now someone is engaged it was indeed romantic to see the crowd cheer!!!

I have see a lot of concerts over the years by-far Josh Groban is one of my top live performing artist that I have listen, watch and enjoy for long time . When the opportunity arouse to experience a live concert by Josh Groban don’t miss it. Remember opportunity sometime only knock once so don’t miss it, open your ear, mind and heart.

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